Lena Dunham Snags A Second HBO Show [WTF Friday]

Lena Dunham is apparently getting another HBO show. Yes it’s true. The “Girls” creator/producer/actress has another project in the works for HBO. Dunham will be teaming up with “Girls” executive producer Jenni Konner again for memoir about Betty Halbreich. For those who don’t know Betty Halbreich, here’s the 411. Betty Halbreich the most famous personal shopper in New York (and maybe even the world). She’s based out of magical place I like to call Bergdorf Goodman. Halbreich has been there since 1978 and has styled everyone from Meryl Streep to Sarah Jessica Parker to the late Estee Lauder. Speaking of Sarah Jessica Parker, Halbreich is also credited for creating the style for Sex And The City.

I am personally a huge fan of “Girls” but I’m not too sure how I feel about Lena Dunham. Dunham’s been called “The Voice of a Generation” by Glamour Magazine and was even their Woman of The Year. She’s Emma Watson’s favorite person in the whole wide world. She also has that $3.7 million dollar book deal. She’s talented, awkward, quirky, and probably is the voice of our generation, but sometimes I feel there’s too much Lena Dunham everywhere. Lena Dunham is sometimes too “real” for me. She’s raw and truthful. I don’t always want to be reminded about how struggling and chaotic your 20’s can be. Sometimes I just want to watch mindless TV about real housewives or zombies.

What do you think? Are we OD-ing on Lena Dunham? Or do we need more young people like her?

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