11 Things You Can Do For Him on Valentine’s Day

The Hallmark holiday is fast approaching. The one day of the year when it’s mandated you find ways to display, publicly or privately, how much you love/want to f*ck/care about another person…or persons if you’re involved in a polyamorous relationship/affair/dream come true/nightmare. If TV, film, Cosmo and the general decline of the consumer-driven society has taught us nothing else over the last few decades, this is the day when he’s going to go balls to wall to prove how much he loves you. It could just be little thoughtful things or grand gestures. But what are you going to do for him? What’s a girl to do or buy or make? Here are 11 things to jog the creative juices.

There you go, free of charge, from the bottom of one Dude’s heart. Had any of these already crossed your mind? Any you’re going to seek out now? Any I should replace or add? I want to hear from you: what ARE you planning for Valentine’s Day?

I’m afraid our time’s up,

The Dude

[Lead image via shy/Shutterstock]

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