Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 12 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

A major character death, a villain returns, an ’80s tribute (Breakfast Club for life) and it seems like we’re finally leaving Mystic Falls after four years of that boring town and going on a road trip! For the mid-way point of the season, “A View To Kill” has been on par if not better than the recent episodes of TVD by keeping the plot going and the audience on its toes.

In Which Villain Bonding Time Should Be The Only Kind Of Bonding Time

While the episode itself was pretty straightforward in terms of killing Kol and making sure Jeremy’s body-map to The Cure grew, the subplots were so good that I’m almost disappointed there wasn’t more melodrama though out the episode. Klaus and Damon’s bonding time over how to be the biggest douche-bag but still get the girl in the end is priceless. Be a dick with purpose, Klaus. Duh. Everyone knows that. I’m amped that Klaus still has his sights set on Caroline, but with his upcoming spin-off about to launch I wonder how the writers are going to make all of that play out. Will Caroline be pulling double duty on both shows? One can only hope.

While on the subject of Klaus and his spin-off, his return to true evil after the death of his brother is exactly the kind of spark the show needs while they hunt down and eventually reveal this Silas character. Evil Klaus is the best kind of Klaus. Mystic Falls is going to be Massacre City when he escapes Bonnie’s spell, and it makes his eventual move to New Orleans even more intriguing.

In Which Bonnie Was Pretty Bad Ass This Episode And Not Wussy Like The Last Four Years

I’ve already beaten the Buffy rip-off thing into the ground with Bonnie’s story-line so far in Season 4. But for whatever reason, I really enjoyed Bonnie this episode. I think it was because she’s been asserting herself (and her magic) with a purpose and acting as the angry black woman that so many CW shows have deserved but never given the light of day over it’s network history. The whole idea that Bonnie is the ringleader/power source behind getting this cure to work already shows that the cure itself will never work, given her track record.

However, there’s some serious groundwork to be laid out on how Bonnie is probably going to get addicted to all this power, and I’m interested to see how that plays out. But in all seriousness, Bonnie got sassy with Kol, Klaus, Jeremy, her own mother and went all Miley Cyrus on her dad and like ‘Yo dude, I can’t be tamed.’ in a single episode. This was either the best Bonnie subplot yet, or close to it. (God I’ve been saving that Miley line for awhile.)

In Which The Gilberts Lit A Dude On Fire In Their Kitchen Cause That’s Cool

Killing Kol does kind of suck because, well, any time an Original family member dies it just takes away from the greatness on the show. Killing Kol kind of rules though because that means the Original family are obviously going to make a comeback somehow and I just want to see Elijah join up with Klaus in Massacre City: Mystic Falls Version 2k13. It’ll be fun!

Once again, though, Elena takes a backseat to plot line and the show THRIVES. Talk about a starring role never needing to be a starring role. If we can keep Elena in the backseat with duct tape over her mouth for the rest of the season, I’ll be stoked. Her being Jeremy’s sister is a reason to keep her around, sure. But I just find her completely needless/pointless in terms of the show’s dynamic now. No one’s even looking for the cure for her anymore! Klaus wants to destroy it. Stefan wants to get it for Rebekah now. Damon can break the sire bond anytime he wants with Elena and it seems like The Cure is just like a version of Plan B/The Morning After Pill to make sure that every time they go to vamp pound town, it’s legit. Bonnie just wants to keep her magic fix going. And where the f*ck has Caroline & Tyler been for the last few episodes? Why exactly are any of these people even looking for The Cure? You got me. But hey, as long as Elena gets as little screen time as possible, I’m cool with it.

In Which Stefan Becomes Wussy Again But Its With Rebekah So I Forgive Him

I really don’t know where Stefan’s balls are at. For example, in the opening sequence of the episode, if you’re gonna sneak out, dude, commit. You’re a vampire with super speed. Bust out of that house completely before you get dressed. That’ll take like 3 seconds in vamp speed, right? Also, just because Rebekah tells you some sob story about how she wants to be human because she doesn’t know who Bon Jovi is and hasn’t seen The Breakfast Club means a few things:

A) You should dump her. (I mean, Bon Jovi AND The Breakfast Club? And this girl calls herself an immortal?)
B) Sob stories are the first way that you break a ‘friends with benefits’ agreement, which you had and worked to perfection the night previously. What are you doing, man? Rebekah is not only an upgrade over Elena, but she wasn’t even making you work for it! What are you doing?
C) Always own the slam piece, don’t let the slam piece own you. Like if I tapped some Original booty the night before, you best believe my homies would know. Klaus and Damon finding out should have been a confidence booster. Especially since Klaus is Rebekah’s brother and seems TOTALLY COOL WITH YOU RAILING OUT HIS SISTER LIKE IT’S NBD. Seriously, Stefan, just own the fact that you’re slitting around with a chick who’s hotter than your ex. If you want Elena back, jealousy is key because she’ll start doubting the sire-bond BS with Damon, and BOOM. She’s back in your arms. Come on man, this is like wingman/girl craziness 101.

However, I have to admit this, I really like Stefan and Rebekah together. Maybe it’s because of my Original family bias, but there’s legit chemistry there. It’s not like with stick figure Elena. And that’s always nice.

It seems like TVD is going to turn into a road trip drama for at least the next two episodes. The month of Febuary is all new every Thursday leading up to Spring Break in March, which is kind of awesome. I’m ready for this Silas dude to finally start walking the Earth and destroying everything in his path so we can have a legit Big Bad and maybe an End Of The World vibe of TVD instead of the usual love triangle thing. It’s new. It’s refreshing, right? Anyway, check out the preview for next week’s episode below and hit me up in the comments or on Twitter if you’ve got a different opinion about this week. (Even though I highly doubt you do.)

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