The Ultimate Handmade Gumball Machine [DIY With CC]

Okay, so ever since I started writing some of CC’s DIY posts, this craft has been stored away on my computer waiting for my editor to say the magic words: “Time for a Valentine’s Day Craft!” I finally got the go ahead today, and I am super excited to show you guys how to make the ultimate handmade gumball (candy if you don’t like gumballs) machine! This is an amazing Valentine’s Day gift for anyone, and most importantly, for yourself! (If you don’t eat candy, then put something else in it because it still looks awesome!)Materials Needed:

– a terra cotta pot and saucer

– a bowl for candy (Make sure the saucer fits on top of the bowl because this is you lid!)

– Valentine’s Day colors of paint

– a paintbrush

– a wooden ball to glue on top of the saucer

– tacky glue

– the candy of your choice (doesn’t have to be gumballs)


1. Paint the pot, the saucer, and the wooden ball however your heart desires and set them aside to dry.

2. After everything has dried, turn the pot onto its base, and cover the surface of the base with as much glue as you can. Place the base of the bowl on top of the glue and let it dry.

3. While the bowl is drying to the pot, go ahead and glue the wooden ball to the bottom of the saucer, and let those dry.

4. Once everything has dried, fill the bowl with candy, and put the saucer (aka lid) on the bowl and voilà! Your ultimate handmade candy/gumball machine is ready!

Craft idea courtesy of Pamela Susan. Check out her website for more great craft and food ideas!

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