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5 Alternatives to of Watching The Super Bowl


Now, I’m not one to hate on Super Bowl Sunday. I understand that for some people, it’s a national holiday. I enjoy a good session of throwing around the pig skin. People go to parties, eat copious amounts of food, get drunk, and have an all out ball. I just think that if your favorite team isn’t actually playing, it’s kind of boring and you don’t care. I can’t be alone in thinking that. Sometimes, sports just are not our thing, and so when everyone else is chowing down on hot wings and sipping on beer, there are others of us who just want to hibernate until the madness stops, and we can go back to not caring about football. There have to be some alternatives.

Luckily, I’ve decided to help you football-haters out! Here’s five alternatives instead of watching that team with the bird mascot play the team with the numbers in their name or whatever. Go team! Enjoy!

Katie is a Web Content Publisher for Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated with a degree in English from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys traveling, reality TV, and coffee--lots of coffee.