6 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Puppy Bowl

I know that today is Super Bowl Sunday, which means lots of chips, dip, and beer along with some football and a pop star performing at halftime, but do you know what else it means? THE PUPPY BOWL! Today the ninth annual Puppy Bowl will be aired on Animal Planet. The Puppy Bowl is basically 6-7 puppies put into a pen of some sort and set free to do as they please–they pounce, they bite, they play, they act absolutely adorable.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I would rather spend all day watching adorable puppies play than ‘roided out millionaires throw around a ball made of pigskin. I know it’s an American tradition and all that, but come on! Puppies, you guys! Cute little puppies!

If the concept alone didn’t sell you, check out my top 6 reasons why you should be watching The Puppy Bowl today.

1. There is no loser! 

Everybody wins when it comes to the Puppy Bowl. I win because my heart gets to defrost a little due to all the adorableness happening. The puppies win because they get to play and be puppies.

2. There’s no hot mess halftime show!

Remember Madonna last year? Remember The Black Eyed Peas the year before that? Yeah…yikes! The Puppy Bowl offers us a group of kittens performing on cat toys in the shape of instruments. Yup, you heard me right, a kitten halftime show. So not only do dog lovers get to enjoy this, but crazy cat ladies too!

3. They play for free!

These puppies play for the love of the game, man. It’s all about the sport and the building of character, not about the paycheck and bonuses for winning. These puppies have integrity.

4. All the puppies are adoptable!

Animal Planet chooses puppies that are all available for adoption after the Puppy Bowl airs! So if you fall in love with a little Golden Retriever puppy, he/she could be yours! Dream come true!

5. The cuteness factor!

Did I mention this was a TV broadcast of puppies and kittens being cute? So much cute!

6. No stupid commercials! 

You can always watch the actual funny ones that aired during the real Super Bowl on YouTube the next day anyway.

[Lead Image via Washington Post]

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