How To Accessorize For Your Office Style

When it comes to accessories, it’s important to remember that scarves, shoes, and jewelry aren’t just for weekends or nights out with the girls–work wardrobe comes into play too! Is your office traditional business? Or more casual? What kind of work environment you’re entering makes a huge difference in how far and bold you can go with your fashion choices–accessories included! Now if you’re clueless to fashion like yours truly, you’ll need to get a jump start on the collection of cute accessories now before you’re shoved into the “real world” and forced to get a”real job.” This may sound daunting, but never fear!

Thanks to the wonderful ladies over at College Fashion, you’ll never be stumped on how to incorporate that amazing bracelet you picked up at an art show or those nude pumps you’ve been dying to wear. From bold and funky looks to more conservative and class, they’ve got you covered on some of the must-have accessories that sure to impress without being distracting.

Check out their post here! 

[Lead Image via I Like I Wish I Heart]

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