Cosmic Candy: February 4 – 10

Aries- I think it was Jimmy Kimmel who once said, “I don’t understand Atheists.  How can anyone prove there isn’t a God?”  This is an interesting question for you to hang out with this week as you are poised to have quite the spiritual experience.  By “spiritual” I mean an experience of oneness, of union and possibly even bliss.  This is a rare opportunity to connect to another type of consciousness and access some real power and insight. I read somewhere (well, on someone’s Facebook post) that 95% of brain activity comes from unconscious thoughts.  I know this isn’t going to sound too fun or exciting, but I am going to give you some words that my grandmother’s teacher always gave her, and that she always gave me, “Get quiet and go inside.”  There is a wealth of information awaiting you on either your unconscious workings, the astral plane (dream time) or in a meditative state and it would be such a shame if you missed out on this cosmic download or meditative sneak peak because you were too busy being busy.

Taurus- Your social life is getting a wild amount of attention, and I’d like you to think about whom in your social circle possibly could be holding a key to your work life. Wednesday in particular is a stellar day for your Instagram, Tweets and Facebook posts or for resume sending and pavement pounding or gliding as the case may be.  In all seriousness you are in good “standing” socially this week, although (against your very sturdy nature) you may feel that you are in danger of losing yourself in the mix.  I say as long as intoxicants are kept under control, you may as well see what the party has to offer.  This could be euphoric if you can loosen your grip enough to do the cosmic wave with the rest of us.

Gemini- If there has ever been a time to tune-in and receive information about your true potential, this week is it.  I would like you to be open to the fact that your recent feelings of being “lost” among the “found” or simply baffled by the direction your life has taken (namely in regards to career) are par for the course. This week may not exactly bring clarity, but I dare say it will bring clues.  I doubt that the clues will be simplistic and I bet that they will be poetic, so don’t ask too many logical questions or struggle to make sense out of things.  You know that rule about swimming in oceans waves?  You have to go with the tide in order to resurface.  This week it seems that even if you feel pulled under there is a mermaid or two that wants to have a chat with you about the possible limited vision you have of your life and what potentials you cannot see. Trust the process and try not to block the magic by figuring it all out.

Cancer- The most important thing for you to get clear on right now is what you love to drown in.  What is your favorite emotional pity party?  Is it that no one loves you?  No one wants you?  No one understands how hard your life is?  Whatever the tune, I suggest you get really, and I mean really, good at deciphering its note and learning which switch controls it and TURN IT OFF!  You heard me, your number one job right now is to take any negative self talk and shut it down, because this is the year that could really turn everything around for you and this week has the potential to be full of either emotional wreckage or breakthroughs.  The later bringing with it creative gifts that are unparalleled in recent times.  Reach into the places in yourself that you are too afraid to tread most days, and go boldly into the great unknown.

Leo- It’s a good thing that cats like to snuggle, because this week kicks off a month-long intensive on intimacy and Saturday brings a new moon/new beginning in your house of close encounters.  Muster up the courage to ask that cutie you have been eyeing out on a date on Sunday if you are single, but know that it’s a high-tide time for projections. If you are coupled chances are you will be swimming in some emotionally soggy terrain.  This isn’t bad or good, it just has the potential to get tricky and sticky.  Where do you begin and where do they end?  What’s your fear and what is their unconsciousness?  This week (and the better part of this month) is here to help you get a little clearer on your boundary issues but the cosmos plans to do this through confusing the fuck out of you first.

Virgo- Love, Love, Love.  It really is all we need and sitting with fingers and toes crossed that you feel you get your share this week, further on into the month and ultimately of course, for your entire life.  This is a time of shockingly deep feelings for others and a desire for wild abandon in a lover’s arms.   This longed for union could possibly end in the reality of suffocation.  Use your talents for separating if shit gets deep, but do not get too comfy in your usual zone of self-denial and removal.  There is some fine print to the situation at hand that we need to go over as well; sometimes we merge with another or others out of shared trauma. Drawn magnetically to their wounds because they go oh-so well with ours (like cherry pie and ice cream) we find ourselves in too deep before we know it.  This is a fine way to be drawn to another, and certainly how it usually happens, however we are best served to remain conscious of what is happening and not go wandering off into la-la-land. You deserve real love and if there is one message from the next 7 days that I really want you to write down, laminate and put in your back pocket it’s “I am so fucking worth it.”

Libra- This month I want you to work and werq it.  There’s a whole lotta business to take care of and you are well stocked to handle it.  Though at times you may feel like you’d rather be in Tahiti you know deep down that your real rewards are through being here and now, minding the details with your hands in the dirt.  You are getting grounded, but in the unlikeliest of ways, practical poetry and irreverent sermons included.  Whatever skills you garner at this time will serve you until mid March. For the moment I don’t want you to get too Cinderella-before-the-ball on me, those mice knew how to party while they whipped up a fierce gown.  I’d hate for you to forget to experience the pure surge of creative juice that is ready to infuse you before the clock strikes 12.

Scorpio- Creativity is the way forward this week and I want you to think about all the ways in which you are brought to life, stimulated, titillated, activated and potentiated (okay, I made that last one up).  What part of your potential can you start to grow into this week?  It’s not through the hard work that you have been caught in these past few months as much as it is about experiencing pleasure.  Can you remember a time when you were caught in a moment of sheer creative glee?  That’s what I want you to put on your agenda as your #1 goal this week.  Sheer.  Creative.  Glee.  Learn delight, damn it!

Sagittarius- There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home – you may find yourself chanting this mantra during the next 7 days but you of all people know that one cannot ever truly go home.  This is a blessing in disguise for humans as too many of us would be using our ruby slippers in search of a far off and distant land of “the good old days”.  Backwards is not the motion that the heavens are asking you to go in right now, I would say it’s more of a deepening, a rooting, an anchoring with quite possibly a lot of remembering.  Spend time this week letting yourself soak in the embryonic waters of your beginnings but not to wallow, only to repair.  Give yourself time to re-coup, rejuvenate and recalibrate, there is information awaiting you but only if you go within to receive it.

Capricorn- This week your chart reads more like a Hunter S. Thompson novel than anything else, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas anyone?  You may see a few crocodiles in the lobby that no one else does, but try not to be too concerned – this week is not about rational communications or ordinary excursions to the corner store.  Checking things off your list in a reasonable or reliable fashion may need to be saved for another time.  Let go of most of your agendas and let yourself wander through the Dali-like landscape that is in front of you.  Marvel in the unusual, be swept away by the fantastical, be wowed by the street poet and take delight in the mystic that stops you in your tracks.  Loosen up and fly right.

Aquarius- This is one of those moments as an astrologer that makes me go, “Ahhhh, yes.  Nice.”  This week is your new moon, my dear water bearer, and I want you to make the most of it.  New moons in our sign happen but once a year, always around our birthdays and they act like cosmic reset buttons.  The majority of this week is about the emotional shedding of the past year, not entirely sanitary, but ultimately necessary.  Truth be told it’s a tearjerker of a month for all of us and it’s well worth the effort to wear a life-vest and carry a paddle.  However, this need not be emotionality for no reason, this is a rare time that is infused with inspiration, intuition and a creativity that can’t be beat down by caffeine, nicotine and TV (unless you are wildly talented at disassociating).  The new moon occurs on Saturday, February 9th at 11:20pm, I suggest you use this day to do a ritual burning of the old.  You can write what you are ready to let go of on a piece of paper and burn it or (safely) burn or give away any old item that ties you to a feeling of lack.  As you let go of said objects or beliefs exclaim to the universe, “I am giving this (fill in the blank) to you of my own free will in exchange for Love, Grace, Respect and Humility (feel free to enter your own phrase here, these are merely examples).  Get specific if you can and act with pop star like confidence.  Ask yourself, “How would Rihanna approach the universe for her birthday wish?”  She wouldn’t hesitate, I’ll tell you that much.

Pisces-  We are all swimming in your waters right now, my fine fishy friend.  There is a moment this week will bring that will herald in a new understanding or perhaps a new appreciation of your nature, your talents and your gifts.  Please look for recurring signs, as I am sure there are many trying to get your attention.  There is a drive that is awakening in you and remains with you throughout the year, but it’s Piscean in nature meaning that it’s non-linear.  This type of drive is like an Easter-egg hunt; it works on intuition, hunches and instincts.  Your way is the way of the peaceful warrior or the drunken poet (choices, choices) and sometimes warriors are more like wizards than anything.  You have to know when to make yourself invisible and when you need to reappear.

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