Recap: Girls Season 2, Episode 4 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

After last week’s super weak, just crap-fest of a cocaine episode, Girls rebounded this week with a semi-serious, sprinkled with comedy, character driven piece that was bookended by ‘Wonderwall’ of all songs. If there’s officially an episode that rivals the infamous ‘crack-cident’ episode as the best episode of the series so far, “It’s A Shame About Ray” makes a very strong argument.

In Which Every Time Hannah Takes A Backseat The Show Thrives

It’s not that Lena Dunham isn’t ‘The Voice of A Generation’ as she was named by Entertainment Weekly or that she’s not talented or whatever argument you want to put against her, it’s just that she should always look at herself as a writer first, and not a director/actor/god that everyone else is putting her on a pedestal to think.

Two weeks ago, the first episode of Girls that was not written by Dunham aired, and it was the best episode of the season (until this one, of course). This week, Dunham lets the Hannah character act as a catalyst for all of the drama happening in the episode by simply hosting a dinner party. A couple of one-liners about pad-thai, a bathtub singalong of ‘Wonderwall’ with a snot rocket and all of a sudden, instead of being annoyed by Hannah, I legitimately wanted to read her hipster article that was getting printed this week. If they stick to this formula for a few more episodes, I’ll be happy. They don’t have to completely give her a backseat as the show itself is Dunham’s but chilling out on the sidelines every now and then never hurt anybody. In fact, those are usually the times star athletes humble out and appreciate the talent around them, right?

In Which Hurricane Marnie Is Officially At Tropical Storm Level

While nothing much happened to Marnie in the episode, the fact that her current Buffalo Bill-fetish, fuck-buddy of Booth Jonathan (bleh) was finally the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of her ex Charlie giving a shit about her will officially drive her over the edge. Let’s face it, one of the few things that she could depend on was that Charlie would always care about her. In fact, he confessed it to her before trying to make a move (which was stupid, because mustard company or not, his current girl seems WAY more DTF than Marine ever is, but that’s another conversation altogether).

Anyway, the fact that Charlie and I seem to be on the same page with this whole Booth Jonathan thing not only will make Marnie start second-guessing all of her life choices (as if she already wasn’t), but instead will drive her to hopefully drink herself into either rehab or homelessness. That would be cool, right? It’s sad that this episode didn’t really show her reaction post-Charlie, because frankly, the idea of her just running back to that Lonely Island dude is kind of lame. Let’s hope she doesn’t.

In Which Pregnancy and This Is 40 Finally Made Jessa Progress As A Character

I’m guessing there will be a lot of comparisons of this episode’s bathtub scene to the Robyn ‘Dancing On My Own’ scene from the previous season. However, instead of the independence and self-acceptance gained from the song in that episode, in this one ‘Wonderwall’ is sung to comfort Jessa, who seemed to love Thomas Johns more than she expected. While I’m disappointed that they cashed in their Chris O’Dowd card so quickly, it actually makes me hope that we’ll see more of Jessa now since the logical idea is for her to move in with Hannah with the $12,000 payoff she’s getting.

On the other hand, the simple breakdown of Jessa as a person by Thomas Johns reveals how fickle/simple a show like Girls is. It also made me realize that there must be some girls like that out in the world, and well, that’s kind of scary. I feel like since Jessa has been out of the spotlight for a bit due to her IRL pregnancy that isn’t being written into the show (and they are doing a HORRIBLE job at hiding that) maybe she’ll move past being that lame hipster chick Thomas Johns so eloquently lumped her as.

In Which Ray + Shoshanna Forever Because They Are Perfect And Amazing And Should Be The Whole Show

I don’t care what anyone else says, Shoshanna is the best character on Girls. Her absolutely adorable sex lies, the butt plug conversation, her realization that she is officially living with a 33-year-old man and her confession of loving Ray in a single episode just filled my heart. I don’t know why, and I usually watch Girls with a grain of salt, but Shoshanna got to me this episode.

And that’s not to say that Ray doesn’t have his moments of brilliance either. Their subway bench conversation about how his only prized possession whilst living in his Mitsubishi is a signed picture of Andy Kaufman was not only hysterical, but incredibly realistic. (Believe me, if my place ever caught on fire, one of the first things I would save are my original prints of the Back To The Future trilogy. Girls, you might not understand that. But dudes do. Believe me.)

Their dynamic as a couple together and their now-confessed love for each other makes me want them to have their own show. I want to see these two interact on a daily basis while living together. I want to hear the crazy thought process that Shoshanna goes through every morning while she figures out how exactly she should get dressed, eat breakfast, and how Ray can either fit into all of that or throw a monkey wrench into her life. Their day-to-day to me would be much more interesting than anything Marnie, Hannah or Jessa could do combined.

Overall, the ideals behind this episode of Girls were much more fleshed-out and just deeper than anything previously explored in the series and I fully appreciate it. While I hope that the rest of the season stays like this episode, I know that’s me reaching for something that probably won’t happen. Instead, like I’ve stated previously, I take these moments of brilliance from Girls for a couple of substandard episodes here and there. Maybe, there will be an episode just as good later this season (but I highly doubt it.) Anyway, check out the preview for next week’s episode below and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments and/or on Twitter.

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