Super (Beyonce) Bowl, Blackouts, and a Kid President [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

The day after the Super Bowl: if you were partying it up last night, sorry about that hangover. If, like me, you only tuned in at halftime to see Beyonce and Destiny’s Child give the BEST halftime performance ever, congratulations, your thoughts are probably still full of her fabulousness. Madonna, Imma let you finish, but Beyonce gave the best Super Bowl performance of all time. Here are the week’s top stories.

At Home

A bus driver in Ozark, Alabama was killed when an armed man boarded his bus and demanded two small children. The bus driver, Charles Poland, blocked the gunman so that the children could escape out of the rear door. The gunman shot him, and kidnapped a 5-year-old boy, who he has been keeping with him in an underground bunker ever since.

In an unprecedented move, the Catholic archbishop in Los Angeles has removed a retired cardinal from his public and administrative duties for mishandling allegations of sexual abuse. Documents were released spanning several decades and proving that the former cardinal had covered up allegations of abuse involving 192 priests and bishops.

One student was injured in a gang-related shooting outside a middle school in Atlanta. It is unclear how the shooter was able to get a gun on the campus, which has metal detectors, but the suspect was arrested at the scene.

A 15-year-old girl was shot in a Chicago park by a man who fled the scene immediately. Police believe that she was not the shooter’s target, but was hit by his gunfire.

The World

Israel launched a strike on a convoy of Syrian antiaircraft weapons, which they say they feared were about to be transferred to Hezbollah militants in Lebanon. They also damaged a weapons center north of Damascus, which has long been thought to be Syria’s main center for research on biological and chemical weapons.

Pakistani activist Malala Yousufzai, the 15-year old who was shot by the Taliban in October, is awake and talking after a series of surgeries to repair her skull.

Egypt‘s government has apologized after videos of police beating a naked man surfaced on television. As protests continue in the country, so do reports of alarming human rights violations.


In case you haven’t heard, Super Bowl 47 happened last night. The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34 to 31. Beyonce gave the best halftime performance of all time (Madonna, Imma let you finish, but…) and the show almost didn’t go on after she was finished – a power outage in half the stadium caused the game to stop entirely for 34 minutes. The lights came back on, and the 49ers, who had been losing, surged and nearly overcame the Ravens. It wasn’t enough though, and the title went to Baltimore.

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Rihanna Gets Stoned With Terry Richardson
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