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BITE Beauty Matte Pastille Creme Lipsticks [In Our Makeup Bag]


What It Is:

BITE Beauty Matte Pastille Creme Lipsticks in Pastille Rosebud, Pastille Violet, Pastille Lilac & Pastille Lavender.

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

BITE Beauty makes some of my favorite (and unfortunately, most underrated) lipsticks around! These bad boys not only pack pigment and moisture, but also contain reservatrol, an ingredient found in red wine that is known to fight free radicals! Not only that, all their ingredients are food-grade, so you don’t have to feel bad when you inevitably end up eating some of it off your lips.

Their new, limited edition collection of 4 punchy shades  is inspired by French pastille candies and contain yummy oils like rose, lavender and geranium. Bright lippies are my jam right now, so I couldn’t wait to dig in!

How To Use It:

Lots of people prefer to use lip brushes when they apply bright lipsticks, but I’m old-fashioned and just swipe them on from the tube. You may also want to apply a lip liner first to prevent any feathering. Either way, apply it and you’re done!

CC Rating: A+

If you’re planning on partaking in the neon lip trend for Spring/Summer 2013, then look no further than the BITE Beauty Matte Pastille Creme Lipsticks! These 4 shades pack serious pigment, but are comfortable and moisturizing. I found they wore for about 6 hours (less for Lavender) and didn’t require touch-ups, which suits my busy lifestyle just fine.

One issue: they are called Matte Pastille Lipsticks and I think that name is a tad misleading. The finish of these isn’t truly matte; it’s not glossy, but it’s definitely more of a cream finish. I prefer this to true matte anyways, but something for consideration if you’re looking for a really matte lippie. Also Lavender was quite different from the rest of the bunch. It was rather sheer and, while that worked for me personally, some may be mislead into thinking it’s a very strong, opaque lavender shade.

BITE Beauty is producing some of the best lipsticks around. I’m almost at the place where I can call them my favourite formula at the $20-25 price point! These 4 limited edition shades will be available from Sephora shortly and retail for BITE’s usual $24 USD.

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