Bieber Is First Artist To Have 5 No.1 Albums Before19 [Sugar Binge]

Justin Bieber is the first artist to have five number number one albums before turning nineteen years old. I hate to say it but swagswagswag. Believe: Acoustic is what sent Bieber over the edge, moving 211,039 units.

Check out Mike Tyson – a CONVICTED rapist – on Law and Order: SVU – a show about rape victims. The irony and disgust does not go amiss.

• Vanilla Ice is trying to sell you lamps now and I am not particularly sure why? Perhaps, there really is nothing better to do? Perhaps, he simply wants to light up your life? Word to your mother

• So there’s mad (eight) senators against the Violence Against Women Act. I guess that means they are PRO violence against women then

“Congress failed to reauthorize the bill by the end of 2012 because Republicans were super concerned about new provisions that would protect undocumented immigrants, Native Americans, and the LGBT community. (God forbid!) Luckily, 85 senators voted in favor of taking up the renewal of VAWA last night, and it’s expected to pass by the end of the week.”

UGH! Just get over it, bbs. The world always postures toward progress, ain’t nobody gonna hold us down, we got to keep on movin’. You see what I did right there?

• Here is a picture of Ryan Lochte recreating Nirvana’s Nevermind cover for the ESPN music issue

• Beyonce’s PR lady doesn’t want you to see these fugly pictures of your Queen. Must be some illuminati shit

• Presented without comment: Jennifer Love-Hewitt gyrating in a music video for The Client List that exists for no reason. 

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