Clean Up Your Facebook Profile with SimpleWash [Web Spy]

In this day and age we’re all constantly connected via social media. From the way we’re feeling one day or our political opinions, to pictures of our lunch or a night out with friends, everything gets posted on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instragram or our personal blogs. But just because you can post something on the internet, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

You may have heard that a lot of employers will check the Facebook profiles of potential candidates. Now that many of you are getting ready to enter the professional world with internships or entry-level jobs, now is probably a great time to start cleaning your Facebook page of anything you wouldn’t want them to see (and even for those of you who aren’t quite there yet, it’s probably a good idea, too).

Scrub your Facebook profile clean of any embarrassing content with SimpleWashJust log in via Facebook and install the SimpleWash app. SimpleWash will then scour your posts and photos, as well as any posts and photos you’ve liked or that you’re tagged in for anything embarrassing or inappropriate.

By default, SimpleWash will use a preset list of “dirty” words (ranging from curse words, drug and alcohol names, sex-related words, and more) to go through your profile and flag anything that might be inappropriate. You can also choose to add in your own words that may not have been covered by SimpleWash‘s list. Once you’ve got it set up the way you like, you can scroll through your results and click on the posts to go to it on Facebook and either edit the privacy settings or delete it.

Right now, SimpleWash is only available for Facebook, but it will soon be available for Twitter, too. Which is good news for all you drunk-tweeters out there.

One thing to remember: SimpleWash only scans text, so it’s best to check through all your pictures to make sure there aren’t any offensive ones without captions, but SimpleWash definitely makes a difference! And with its help, your Facebook profile will soon be safer for viewing by potential employers!

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