The Highest Paying Undergraduate Major to Have Is…

When I was six years old my dream job was to be a cashier. I scanned those toy grocery items like my life depended on it. When I was 11, we went to the aquarium and I decided that I was going to be a marine biologist. Then high school came along and I realized I wasn’t that great at biology…goodbye killer whales and sea turtles. Flash forward five years and I’m walking across the stage with a bachelor of arts degree in hand. Then the job hunt began. After endless interviews and piles of resumes, I decided Gossip Girl marathons were more fun. The upside is I’m not the only graduate without a “degree related job”.

The Huffington Post listed the top 5 paying (starting salaries!) majors of 2012:

1. Computer Engineering, $70, 400

2. Chemical Engineering, $66,400

3. Computer Science, $64,400

4. Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering, $64,00

5. Mechanical Engineering, $62,900

I wasn’t too surprised that science majors made the big bucks, but I was kind of shocked by some other facts. About 46% of recent college grads work in jobs that don’t require a degree and 38% work in jobs that don’t require a high school diploma! But before you think about dropping out of college or switching majors, think about all the good times. *Insert cheesy music here* You’ll never get this college experience again in your life. You’ll probably never be able to party as hard. You won’t be able to pull back-to-back all nighters and still make to that cute boy’s kegger. So if you’re not an engineering major, don’t fear. We’ll all be okay in the end and in the meantime our engineering friends will pick up our bar tabs.

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