Menswear Dog Is Your Dream Boyfriend, Best Tumblr of 2013

Wool herringbone blazer, Ben Sherman button up shirt, J. Crew belt, and a Ralph Lauren tie. Nope, these aren’t items in a stylish guy’s closet. It’s actually an outfit….for a dog! Seriously. If you like stylish men’s clothing and cute dogs, you have to scope out Tumblr’s new Menswear Dog.

“Menswear Dog is a 3 year old shiba inu living in NYC with a panache for all things style. His interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches.”

This Shiba Inu means business when he’s decked out in clothes. He’s got a “smize” that’ll give Tyra Banks a run for her money.

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