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Ashton Kutcher Was A Model With, Like, Super Deep Thoughts [Gallery]


I am not sure what Ashton Kutcher has been up to lately besides trying to convince us that he is as cool as Steve Jobs. He’s dating Mila Kunis now, which I guess gives him street cred because she is definitely much cooler than he is but I’ll always remember him as the douche bag that made “trucker hats” happen that one horrible time. Today is Ashton Kutcher’s 35th birthday. To honor him, we present you with a retrospective of his douchey modeling career. If you didn’t know, Ashton was a pretty successful male model before he snagged the role of Kelso on That ’70s Show. Now, I know, we can’t really blame Ashton for making these dorky, “profound” faces because that’s what modeling called for in the ’90s but we’re going to anyway. OMG. These are hilarious.

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