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Film Critic Calls Melissa McCarthy A “Tractor-Sized, Female Hippo” [Sugar Binge]


Rex Reed is a notably harsh and generally douchey film critic so it came as no surprise when he took to criticizing Melissa McCarthy’s appearance in Identity Thief instead of her actual performance. Among the horribly, shallow words “tractor-sized,” “humongous” and a “female hippo” he also said “Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) is a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success. Poor Jason Bateman. How did an actor so charming, talented, attractive and versatile get stuck in so much dreck?”

Yeah, poor Jason Bateman who obviously signed up to be in this movie on his own volition, knowing who would be in it. I am sure Jason Bateman was happy to work with Melissa. Identity Thief doesn’t look like a good movie to me but that’s not because of anyone’s appearance, it’s because of my personal taste. Had it been a heavier male comedian, no one would be discussing his size so much as the quality of the film or whether he was funny or not.

Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood hate each other apparently

“Grammy execs were ordered to keep Swift, 23, and Underwood, 29, “from crossing paths” at the Feb. 10 show “since they hate each other!” Says a Swift pal, “Taylor feels Carrie is always rude to her, so she’ll steer clear of her.”

Quvenzhane Wallis may be the next Annie.

Katy Perry is taking Allison Williams to the Grammys. Allison said

“I am going to the Grammys and Katy Perry is my date. She’s the hottest date. She’s a friend of mine and she’s nominated as she should be. I can’t wait to go. Obviously she’s awesome. She’s the best.”

I wonder what John Mayer will be doing then.

Emma Watson defends Kristen Stewart and is as level-head as you would expect Emma to be: 

“Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It’s not fair to consider them matters of public interest. On one hand, I can understand why it happened: people felt really involved in her relationship with Robert Pattinson. But it’s also true that they both have done everything in their power to keep their relationship as far from the public eye as possible.”

This kid meteorologist is the best thing ever.

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