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6 Ways to Wear Over-the-Knee Socks…Without Looking like a Naughty Schoolgirl


An intimidating hybrid of the thigh high stocking and knee high sock, the over-the-knee sock has always beleaguered me; I never knew whether to wear it with garters…or a plaid skirt? However, recently the trend  has proven its practicality and popularity (just scroll through Pinterest). In November, I became a proud owner of a pair and have finally figured out the many ways to rock this look. Now there’s one obvious blanket rule if you don’t want to look like a naughty schoolgirl in these babies: DON’T DRESS LIKE A NAUGHTY SCHOOLGIRL. This means stay away from pairing a set with two or more of these items: a plaid or pleated skirt, collared shirt, oxfords or Mary Janes, or a crested cardigan. I would also advise veering away from bright white pairs.

“How the hell do I work these super long socks into the rest of my wardrobe,” you ask? Well, while American Apparel would simply have you wear them without bottoms, I argue there are many more options…

So, pull up your socks, check out the gallery, and try something new for the new year! And if you want to know where to get the items featured in the sets just click on the Polyvore links below.

Layers for Your Legs |The Long [Socks] and Short[s] of It | The Knitty Gritty | Casual Cozy Grey | The New Dress Socks | Kick Up the Color!

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