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The Playtex Ad That was “Too Dirty” To Publish


I was flipping through my new Cosmo today and came across a clean white page with some writing. “Not Keeping It Clean Always Gets You Rejected” is what it said dead smack in the middle of the page. I look at the bottom and see “Fresh and Sexy by Playtex”. What the heck is Fresh and Sexy?! I also see a little blurb that says “See the ad that was too dirty to run at Fresh and Sexy“. I head over to the website and find out that Fresh and Sexy is actually a product for you to umm…”freshen up” before getting it on. The site reads:

“What are Fresh + Sexy™ wipes? Fresh + Sexy™ wipes are intimate wipes for men and women specifically designed for use before and after sexual activity – so you can feel confidently clean and ready for whatever comes next. With Fresh + Sexy™ wipes , you get clean quickly and easily so you can get back to who or whatever it is you’re doing.”

I personally thought the ads were funny and clever. Here’s the video ad and the other ads that were too dirty to run.

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