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Yes, I’m a Single Girl Who Likes Valentine’s Day


Heart shaped chocolate boxes. Cinnamon hearts. Pink and red everywhere.

We’re barely into February, but every store on the block is reminding everyone it’s almost the 14th, Valentine’s Day. Everyone has their own perspective on this lovey dovey day. Some love it more than Christmas morning, while others just absolutely hate it more than anything. One might assume that couples are the ones who love Valentine’s Day and the singles are the ones who hate it. But that’s not true at all.

I know couples who don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day because they feel like it’s too much pressure on each other. They don’t know what to buy each other, they don’t know if their partner is expecting something big, it’s just a big heart shaped balloon of confusion and anxiety. And how do you even celebrate Valentine’s Day? On Halloween we go trick-or-treating, on Christmas we open presents, and on Valentine’s Day we…?

On the other hand, I know couples who LOVE Valentine’s Day. I have guy friends who will send their girlfriends a gazillion red roses and pink cupcakes to work. Or my best friend who will make a trip to Victoria’s Secret and pick out a little something something to make her boy drool later on in the night.

I personally love Valentine’s Day (and I’m a single girl!). Okay maybe not love. Love is the feeling I get when my nail polish doesn’t bubble. We’ll stick with, “I really, really like Valentine’s Day.” I like candy and I like writing cheesy valentines. I won’t be decked out in pink or ask for heart nail art on my mani, but you won’t find me crying in a bucket of ice cream to The Notebook either (but if you do any of those things that’s totally fine!). I’ll likely be out with my friends chatting up cute guys or watching the hockey game on TV with my dad. Or seeing how many cinnamon hearts I can eat at once before I burn off my taste buds.

What do you guys think about Valentine’s Day? Love it? Hate it? Is it even a real “holiday”?

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