Add Flair to Your Drinkware With Hand-Dotted Tumblers [DIY with CC]

If you were to walk into my dorm room tonight, you’d see me and all my friends drinking alcohol out of everything not classy to drink it out of: weird plastic cups from random events, coffee mugs, sippy cups, reused fast food cups. I’m not trying to be a snob, but I just feel more sophisticated when I’m drinking pinot out of a glass.

Now, because I think some of you may think that would be a little stuffy, I found a great compromise. We can take traditional tumblers and jazz ’em up with pops of color that will fit into any girl’s dorm room motif.

What you’ll need:

-4-5 different colors of acrylic paint; choose whichever colors you love! Try to get an enamel or all-surface acrylic, they last the longest.

-glass tumblers (look at places like dollar stores for really cheap sets)

-rubbing alcohol

-cotton swabs

-sheet pan

-parchment paper

What you need to do:

Gather up all of your supplies and take a sheet of paper towel and fold it into quarters. After this take your paints and squeeze out a nickel-sized dollop of each color, leaving a decent distance between each other. Feel free to mix any in other areas to experiment with new shades!

Put a sheet of parchment paper along your sheet pan, and place your tumblers upside down on the pan, again leaving a safe distance between them (hey, creativity can get messy!).

Grab your first cotton swab and choose a color to dip it in; take a glass and dot the one color all around the bottom and up the sides of the glass, leaving space between the dots to alternate the colors. Once you have a full layer (without much overlap) on the bottom of the glass, let it dry and move on to the first layers of other glasses.

Once the first layers are dry, go ahead and choose colors for the second layer of dots, filling up holes and spaces from the previous steps. After this let the paint dry completely. Tip: make sure you stay clear from the very top edges of the tumbler! Stay closer to the bottom and middle of the classes leaving the top clear.

Once the glasses are totally dry, flip them over on the sheet pan and put them into a cold oven, turning it up to 350 degrees and leaving them for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, turn the oven off and allow them to cool for an hour in the oven.

After this, take them out, pop open a bottle of wine (or better yet, champagne) and sip from this classy cup! No one will be judging you or your friends with these drinking accessories!

(Make sure to hand wash and air dry for best care!)

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