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The Ultimate Survival Guide for Adult Acne [Candy Dish]


I always believed that my skin would clear up by the time I hit 20. I wasn’t a teenager anymore, and I was convinced that being an adult would take away my zits. And oh how wrong I was! Around the age of 22, I started getting what my dermatologist called “adult acne”. Ugh, what a horrible thing. Stress, food, and just plain bad luck all can be huge causes for why we have bad skin in college. Thanks to College Fashion, it’s clearer to me how and why my skin looks the way it does!

Check out the acne survival guide here!

In Other News…

For the single ladies, Valentine’s Day in explained through .gifs.

Well, looks like Chris Brown did something dumb again. Who is shocked?

If you’re heading to Coachella this year, watch out for these people.

I’m still reeling from the JT/Britney breakup. Let’s hope these couples get back together too.

Which Girl Scout cookie are you? Obviously, I want to be a Thin Mint.

[Lead Image via This-Pic]

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