That One Time Australia Tried To Ruin Every Kid’s Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. (Thank you! I know, right?) I hate my birthday because it makes me feel weird when people are staring at me. This is is also why I request that no one sing “Happy Birthday” to me when I’m presented with my cake. And even though, every year, no one listens to my request, I make my wish and blow out the candles. The best part of any birthday party is getting your cake with an amount of candles equivalent to your age (maybe even one more for good luck) and then making a wish about getting that pink bike you wanted or wishing that the kid who sits behind you in Chem will ask you out and then blowing out your damn candles like a pro.

But Australian officials ain’t having any of that. Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)  are going forward with new guidelines for birthday cake etiquette at daycare centers. They don’t even want kids to blow out their own candles anymore for the fear of spreading germs! I won’t stand for this!

Check out the rest of the story over at The Frisky!

[Lead Image via Ark Therapeutic]

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