The Craziest (and Some of the Best) Fashion Choices in Grammy History

Tonight, CBS will broadcast the 55th annual Grammy awards, and guess what? There is a dress code. This year, CBS has made is pretty clear that they don’t want any funny business. No side boob! Can you believe it? Men all over the world just groaned out loud because side boob was the only redeeming thing about to being forced to watch the E! Live on the Red Carpet with their girlfriends.

No side boobs. No butt cracks. No see through stuff. No fun! Part of the reason we watch award shows is to see what kind of outrageous stuff celebrities are going to wear! Lady Gaga in an egg, anyone? Yeah, I didn’t forget that either. Grammy head honchoes sent out a little memo to all Grammy attendees, asking them to dress appropriately to avoid any nip slips or wardrobe malfunctions. I mean, I get it. It’s live television, and no one wants to pay the FCC, but this totally kills my buzz when it comes to the red carpet. So let’s justĀ reminisceĀ over some of the best and worst outfits from Grammys past.

Check them out in the gallery below!

[Gallery Images via NY Daily News/Marie Claire]

[Lead Image via Digital Focus Intl]

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