There Will Be A BSB Documentary. Do You Care? [Sugar Binge]

What we really want is an N’Sync documentary. What happened to the dude that wasn’t Lance, JC Chasez, Justin or Joey – you know, the other one – what happened to him? Instead we’re stuck with Kevin (snore), Nick (bummer), and A.J. (meh) and the other two who left no impression on me. I’d rather just watch the video for “The Call” on repeat than a documentary on the Backstreet Boys but perhaps that’s just a testament to how good that song and video are.

“Produced by Mia Bays and Thomas Benski and exec produced by Lucas Ochoa, the music documentary is billed as a tell-all project about all five original members of the band and aims to be finished by the fall of 2013.Backstreet Boys sold in excess of 130 million albums, making them one of the top 30 best-selling global artists of all time. Director Stehen Kijak said: ‘What drew me to this project is their [Backstreet Boys] openness and willingness to push themselves into uncomfortable places, to be vulnerable and honest and to be really trusting of the filmmaking team to steer them in the right direction.'”

Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of crying. Will this be BSB’s “Some Kind of Monster”?

• The military has announced that they will extend marriage benefits to same-sex couples

  “Taking care of our service members and honoring the sacrifices of all military families are two core values of this nation.  Extending these benefits is an appropriate next step under current law to ensure that all service members receive equal support for what they do to protect this nation.”

Sounds about right.

• Lil Mama, of popping lipgloss fame, will play Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez is in the TLC biopic, which I have to admit I am not too happy about

• This Who Is Frank Ocean Tumblr will make your day.

• Madonna is on Instagram and all she posts is selfies of her cleavage and cocktails. Maybe she is trying to get the youths to, like, relate to her? 

• Kim and Kanye are having a gay old time in Brazil pretending like the statue of Chris the Redeemer is actually a monument to them

• Here is the video for Backstreet Boy’s “The Call” in case you were questioning it’s epicness. 


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See The Roaring ’20s In Color For The First Time With Vintage Kodachrome Footage
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