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Cosmic Candy: February 11-17


We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries – I am going to say,”emotional intelligence with a sub text of understanding unconscious drives,” for my final answer.  Look, waking up in a stranger’s bed with a searing hangover is one way to play these cards, a dream journal and a lot of time in your therapists office is another. Perhaps one precedes the other and it is not my intention to evoke a sense of guilt or shame at all as I think they do no good in the long run (save for pointing to a behavior that is disharmonious with the rest of our being). However, I do want to strongly caution against losing consciousness during these transits. Engage with intoxicants with a great reverence and understanding of why you are or choose to abstain for a little while. By intoxicants I do not just mean Red, Red Wine, I’m talking about the whole enchilada.  Instead of escaping I want you to willingly venture inward and honor your own company.

Taurus – There is a tremendous amount of energy in your relationship houses.  Most of it centers on the more impersonal and platonic friendships in your life, which I still think can help you with whatever career moves you are planning to make. This is a time to put yourself in rooms with the people that you want to be co-creating with.  It’s also the time to ask yourself if you ever hang out with people that inspire you to be better, wiser, more responsible, less of a crybaby and folks that make you feel like a beginner because they are so skilled at what they do and how they do it.  This is a time to move outside of your usual playpen and consider taking a position as a back-up dancer to a Tina Turner-like icon. Take bigger swings, get into some trouble, get in over your head and see what you’re made of.

Gemini – There are so many things you could do in this life, but that is always the issue isn’t it?  So many things to learn and do and try and experience and, and, and…there is something else that is pulling at you, wanting you to focus so that you can occupy more space in the world.  This is intricately linked to the kind of space you were encouraged or inhibited from occupying as a child.  There is an issue that comes up this week that is related to your drive and I would like you to engage it instead of diverting your energy with an ADD-like flare.  Part of your gift to the world is your ability to dispense so much energy to so many.  Drive doesn’t have to be aggressive or macho, it’s simply a willingness to engage with our own unique way of moving through the world.  Honor your movements and contributions to life and walk away with a quick stride from any false notions your childhood drummed up about who you were supposed to be and how you were supposed to act “out there”.

Cancer – I can see the beginnings of a re-evaluation happening for you and it sounds something like, “Am I more Beyonce and less Rihanna?”  Or perhaps it’s more along the lines of, “Am I more myself and less of an interpretation of what would be culturally appropriate?”  I can sense a great desire building in you to live a life that is more, but more what?  Would you rather be more popular or more authentic?  Can you let yourself experience the different worlds that you are being lead into and still remain tethered to your responsibility to yourself?  The problem with the astrology for you right now is that you can be swept away by inflated ideals, imposters and snake-charmers-but the fall back to reality only ends in an alarming thud. Work to stay grounded so that creative ambitions and desires can actually manifest and dare to venture out into previously unknown territory.

Leo – I would like you to pay special attention to how you use your body to create intimacy, negate true intimacy or facilitate a deep connection between you and your world.  There are many lessons right now about how you use your sexual energy and how you react to what you attract.  The interesting thing about sexuality is that it can lead us down many paths depending on how we use it.  It is tremendously easy to squander, tempting to manipulate others with it and all to easy to express in emotionally unsafe ways (not to mention physically).  What I would like you to ponder is how you could be truer to your emotional needs and your body.  Anorexia doesn’t just manifest as an issue with food and neither does binging, it’s about control and the need to be loved.  We can starve ourselves emotionally and then stuff ourselves with meaningless interactions only to be left wanting more.  Get clear on what feeds you and what engenders depth, closeness and reciprocity.

Virgo – The frustrating thing about relationships is that they are really just mirrors reflecting our own personal preferences and biases. Blerg. We have been talking about this for a minute and by the end of March you are going to either be completely over me bringing it up or you’ll have moved mountains in terms of personal boundaries in all of your intimate affairs.  You need a wide variety of opportunities right now to work out your issues so delight in the plethora of folks that are bound to be helping you sort through your needs, their needs and everyone else’s.  It so tempting to focus on other people, its a beautiful (and seemingly noble) distraction from what we need, miss, want and owe ourselves.

Libra – One of the many distortions of reality that modernity encourages is immediate gratification. More often than not we don’t outgrow our internal childhood desire to have some rules and structure to our days in order to feel safe.  Every creative impulse must be met with a form to hold it otherwise it is squandered energy.  I say this to encourage you in a time where you may be feeling a little less free and a little more tethered but I want you to know that every bit of hard work you perform now will pay off in the long run. The interesting thing about you however is that your daily functions are more like creative chaos than orderly production. This forces your daily form to have to be able to do something akin to herding kittens. What you do and how you do it probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else but you, especially this month. Your rhythms aren’t supposed to be cookie-cutter normal.  Don’t look to anyone else to model a how-to approach to life. You are on your own kid, and that’s a great thing.

Scorpio – This week illustrates just how far you’ve come in terms of being able to express yourself with more honesty and less defensiveness.  This weekend may have brought to light a conflict at home or with a parent but it looks as though you are in good shape to handle it with ease.  You will most likely be noticing the ways in which your applied discipline is paying off.  Life has been asking you to not only play a grown up but to become one and this week is going to be filled with opportunities to understand your creative desires and you would be wise to set some time aside to engage them as they have some staying power.  There is a tendency to over-do and over commit right now because everything seems so exciting, be open to possibilities but keep an eye on your iCal, our creative ambitions are only as good as the time we have to give them.

Sagittarius – This past Saturday’s new moon gave you a chance to consider where your “normal” is located.  We all have a place that we stand and judge or compare the world from, like a personal center.  Much of this is shaped by our cultural backgrounds, or race, gender, sexual orientation and spiritual orientation.  I am hoping that the new moon has given you a rare glimpse at just how far you would like to move from what center you have been given to a center that you choose for yourself.  This has a direct effect on how at home you feel in your own skin  and this is what I want for you.  It’s time for you to arrive at your own doorstep and welcome yourself in.

Capricorn – Our perceptions are a Mother, quite literally. Perceptions claim every bit of our attention and lead us in very specific directions that are unlikely to be what we thought they were.  We see the world as we are and it takes every ounce of discipline we can muster to recognize that things may not be as we want them to be and/or there are always multiple realities at any given time. This is especially relevant for you right now in terms of how you feel others see you and in regards to how you have positioned yourself in front of everyone else. Things are about to switch gears and you may be reconsidering some of the terrain you have covered since October.  This is not bad, this is not good and this is not something you can check off a list.  This next phase is more about letting yourself reconsider your outlook and it’s a time to let some of your more fundamental ways of thinking be reconsidered. Flexibility of mind is what we are after this week.

Aquarius – Your self-esteem is deeply connected to your ability to ride the waves of your intuitive creativity and this is how I suggest using the energy of the new moon this week.  If you feel that you need a boost look for the subtle ways in which your spirits are lifted and your curiosity peaked and attend to the practices that serve you. Anais Nin wrote in a diary, 150 volumes worth of diary and it was this process, this devotional act we could say that would end up becoming some of her best writing and lead to many of the novels that made her famous. Before the world saw her diaries they read only the distillation of them – the daily work and inner-workings of her mind invisible until much later.  I mention the great Ms. Nin because I want you to find the equivalent creative sustenance, as this is what ultimately feeds your self-esteem and will allow you to go do what you must with great gusto and faith in your abilities.

Pisces – Please take my advice and focus on yourself and your self-development right now as we are in a remarkably Piscean moment that will only be amplified as the sun moves into your sign next week. I want you to think re-birth. Your tendency is to get lost in the needs of others or to lose your boundaries and merge with the energies around you, so I am asking you to make a special effort to stay with yourself right now.  What do you need to grow?  What do you need to flourish?  Your gift is to channel a tremendous amount of information from the invisible sphere’s. You can chalk this up to being able to commune with the dead, being able to read another person’s facial expressions or a rockin’ mid-brain dopamine system-but any way you cut it your sign is especially attuned picking up on information around you. Early this week I would like you to pay special attention to what your body has to say about any given topic and notice where and how your physical self is situated. What impact, imprints and sensations are you picking up physically from the world around you?  Use the information to understand yourself better and its possible you may appreciate your gifts even more.

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