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Wear Anything But Clothes [ReadyU Conquer This List]


Fact: at my school, we have to pass a swim test to graduate. No, I did not make that up and yes, it’s weird. What’s even weirder is that the students in the engineering school don’t have to take the test, apparently because they’d be able to build themselves a boat (at least that’s what everyone says). I’m pretty sure a boat wouldn’t help you if you had already fallen in the water.

Anyway, I’m a second semester senior, which means the time has come for me to take the swim test. Theoretically, you can take it any time during your four years here, but everyone usually leaves it until senior year, as it’s kind of a silly farewell thing. Since I’m still checking items off the ReadyU Conquer This List, I figured this would be the perfect chance to check off #35: Wear Anything But Clothes. ReadyU is the ultimate resource for college students, with all the tips and tricks for college life that you can’t seem to find in the classroom.

Maybe the swim test seems like an obvious opportunity to check this one off, so I decided to put a fun DIY spin on the challenge. I couldn’t go to the test in a full-on “anything but clothes” party getup – rules are, only swimsuits in the pool. But I figured I could at least look great while I was preparing for my test, so I went in search of a great DIY swim cover-up. I’m going through a phase where I’m pretty sick of all clothes I have, but I’m also broke, which means no shopping sprees. I was specifically looking for something I could make that would use items I already own. I also thought my anything but clothes day would be a good opportunity to do laundry… because I’ve also been being pretty lazy about that this second semester. So I went out, bought some Tide® to get my clothes clean and fresh, and started searching for a DIY project.

Of course, I turned to the internet to find a tutorial. And I found the perfect one! I was able to find a website that showed me how to make a swim cover-up out of an old towel, which was perfect, because I had a couple old towels lying around. Check it out!

I don’t have a sewing machine at school, so I hand-sewed the cover-up, and didn’t worry too much about making perfectly even seams. It’s just a casual cover-up, so a slightly less finished version looks fine, and you can hardly tell the difference because of the thick towel fabric. I did it as a Saturday project, and it was super fun and easy!

The day of my swim test came, and I headed off to the pool in style. And I even kept my promise of finally doing laundry – I threw all my dirty clothes in the wash with some Tide®, and I was good to go! With a successful swim test under my belt, I’m now one step closer to graduating. Woohoo!

As graduation nears, keep checking back to see if I’m able to “conquer” all of the items on ReadyU’s list before I head into the real world.

Dancer, choreographer, personal trainer, and freelance writer based in New York City. More here.