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8 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day


Sometimes, your day just sucks. There’s nothing you can do about it. You wake up and realize you don’t have any clean underwear for the day. You run to catch a bus and it leaves when you’re a few minutes away. You get to class and there’s an assignment due that you completely forgot about. On your way back to your dorm, a car drives through a puddle, leaving you completely soaked.

It’s like big, unknown forces are conspiring against you. But if I’ve learnt anything in my 20 years of¬†existence, it’s that you are always in control of your moods, even if you can’t control all the crappy things that happen during the day. So next time it feels like everything’s going wrong, tell yourself that it’s not going to put you in a bad mood. Smile, think positive thoughts, and if that doesn’t work, try these 8 things that will turn around any bad day:

[Lead Image via gettressed]

Born, raised, and living in London, Ellen balances a life filled with reading an excessive number of books, attempting to do Pilates, and writing for Cosmopolitan UK alongside CollegeCandy. Contact me: @twitter