Lena Dunham Speaks To Our Generation From The Cover of Rolling Stone

Okay, I feel like I do this on a regular basis but I have to do it again. I am sorry, but I do not watch Girls. Yeah, yeah, everyone stop gasping and cursing me. However, I have heard a lot about the show and one of its stars and creator, Lena Dunham. So taking from all the gasps I probably got from my readers, Lena is a pretty “popular” gal, and where do all the “popular” gals end up? Yep, that’s right- on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Maybe I can end up on their cover one day…sigh.

Anyways, a few bits of the Rolling Stone interview were revealed before the issue comes out in March! After reading the things Lena says, I came to the conclusion that she sounds a bit “strange” especially after this particular comment:

”I remember saying to my mom when I was little, ‘I just had to imagine having sex with you eight times’ … and she really took it in stride! She was like, ‘Well, it’s your imagination; it didn’t really happen.’”

But, hey, who am I to judge? Read the rest of the comments and judge for yourselves! 

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