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6 Sexy Valentine’s Day Tips, Whether You’re Single or Taken [Sexy Time]


To be honest, I barely acknowledge Valentine’s Day. I think it’s trifling and too consumer-driven and totally impersonal. Between anniversaries, birthdays, career triumphs and personal triumphs, there are so many intimate opportunities to celebrate one’s relationship. To designate a specific day and make it all about gifts is so cheap and tacky to me. Nevertheless, it’s unfortunately a significant cultural touchstone, and it can be hard to not feel the pressure to do something special and relevant. Whether you’re single or attached, here are some suggestions to have a hot and sexy holiday.

1. Pamper yourself.
Use a delectable body wash, treat yourself to a facial (either at home or at a salon), put on your favorite perfume, your cutest clothes, and revel in your beauty. Making yourself look and feel as pretty as possible, whatever that means to you, is always a worthwhile endeavor.

2. Get up close and personal with yourself.
Grab your favorite toy, put on an alluring playlist, and bring yourself to bliss. You most certainly don’t need to depend on anyone else to have a perfectly lovely sexy time.

3. If you’re partnered up, don’t put too much pressure on having mind-blowing sex.
While it’s admirable to want to spice and amp things up in the bedroom, doing it out of a contrived obligation to fulfill a holiday stereotype is a recipe for disaster. There’s nothing wrong with relying on your favorite standby moves – they’re your favorites for a reason.

4. Have a movie marathon featuring your favorite sexy star.
I mean, fantasy is totally better than reality, so embrace it and watch your fave’s sexiest/most romantic movies and substitute yourself in for his love interest. A little escapism is good for the soul.

5. Break bread.
There are few things more satisfying than sharing a meal with people you love. So whether that’s a boo or your closest friends or your stuffed animal, eat your favorite foods and find comfort in a carb-filed place.

6. Scope out the best chocolate and Edible Arrangement retailers in your area.Then get excited about all the deeply discounted goodies you’re going to have access to tomorrow.

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