Woman Buys Ad Space To Dump Boyfriend On V-Day [Sugar Binge]

A woman was so fed up with her boyfriend that she decided to publicly humiliate him. According to The Sun, the woman took the ad out at the restaurant because her boyfriend frequently ate there. They report, “It was taken out on an Amscreen digital billboard, which normally plugs deals on chocolate and snacks but can be hired for around £100-a-month.” What’s the point in this? You have to pay to do it too. If you can’t confront your boyfriend just send him an email, jeeze. Even Facebook would be cheaper if it had to be done in front of hundreds of other people.

This movie where Naomi Watts and Robin Wright play best friends who sleep with each other’s sons looks awesome. 


A homeless man returned a woman’s wedding ring after she dropped it in his donation basket by accident. People are shocked that a homeless person can have manners and common courtesy. 

This article on how the face of the unpaid internship is a “spoiled white girl” is some what enlightening

“That subconscious belief—that young, middle-class-seeming women are somehow automatically taken care of financially—has persisted to this day, and I believe it’s this assumption that prevents even otherwise progressive sorts from taking action to prevent the rise of the unpaid internship.”

So ladies don’t deserve pay because the assumption is their lives are already paid for by their parents, a notion with origins that lie in women being taken care of by husbands? Interesting theory. Although everyone deserves an honest pay for honest work, no matter where they come from.

These two people have been kissing for over 58 hours and it does not look like fun

Love Yourself, Love Your Skin [CC Beauty Live]
Love Yourself, Love Your Skin [CC Beauty Live]
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