25 Thoughts on Amanda Bynes’ “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me”

One of my favorite things about US Weekly magazine is their weekly column called “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me”. The column features a new celebrity each week, and it’s usually pretty interesting. The lists tend to include embarrassing moments, quirky facts, future plans, etc. This week was Amanda Bynes’ list and boy was it interesting. Actually, interesting might be an understatement. Crazy is probably a better word to describe her list. #16 is a personal favorite. I found myself thinking WTF?! onĀ  almost every single item on her list so here are my revelations. Check out 25 Things You Don’t Know About Amanda Bynes here.

1. I can’t believe I actually went through the entire list.

2. I wonder how many brain cells I lost after reading this.

3. Please don’t become the next Lindsay Lohan

4. I’m pretty sure a preschooler could come up with a more intellectual list.

5. I don’t think online shopping is your only addiction.

6. Please don’t start recording an album.

7. I miss The Amanda Show.

8. No one cares what your favorite pop is.

9. I thought you “retired”.

10. Oh nevermind, you “unretired”.

11. Your goal weight scares me.

12. Name dropping brands will not get you any endorsements.

13. I wonder if your hair is still pink.

14. Were you drunk while sharing this list?

15. This is kinda depressing. You used to be so cute.

16. I wonder what your fashion line would look like.

17. Did you actually just say that??

18. Your publicist is probably cringing.

19. Are you delusional?

20. Talking about your childhood makes me sad.

21. Whats going on up their in your brain?

22. Is that really your most prized possession?

23. “That shit cray”.

24. I think it’s time for rehab.

25. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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