Eve Claims Britney Spears Didn’t Sing On “Scream And Shout” [Candy Dish]

Rapper Eve claimed that “she heard” from the grapevine Britney Spears didn’t sing on the track “Scream and Shout.” Eve was not coy about it at all. She said, “”I heard that might not be Britney,” Eve said with a sly smile. “That’s what I heard, but you know, I don’t know … it could be Britney. But I heard it wasn’t.” I don’t know, guys. I know Britney has a processed voice but it sounds a lot like her. Brit’s rep were quick to shut down the rumors telling TMZ, “It’s absolute BS. Britney sang the song. ¬†Will.i.am wanted her for this song and she sang on it.” I think it’s B.S. too, to be frank.

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