Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 14 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

One episode, three characters are gone from Mystic Falls (for what seems like for good), and the greatest HBIC in the history of TVD returned in “Down The Rabbit Hole”. Basic stupid melodrama subplot aside, this was one of the best episodes of the entire season.

Katherine’s back. Jeremy’s dead. Bonnie may be dead. Tyler broke up with Caroline and left the show forever (again). Klaus is going to bang Caroline. The Salvatore Brothers & The Originals were practically nowhere to be found. Silas is awake. Yeah. It was a big episode.

Let’s recap:

In Which Damon & A Hunter Walk Into A Hostage Situation

While new hunter Vaughn was the big cliffhanger from last episode, he became immediately lame sauce as soon as he hit the opening sequence. First of all, for someone who supposedly thirsts for the death of all vampires, he was surprisingly calm at Damon’s presence and antagonism. Second, his accent was lame. Irish? In Nova Scotia? Really? Finally, this dude didn’t recognize the fact that if he had these sweet ass like wood grenades the whole time, that he SHOULD HAVE BEEN USING THEM THE WHOLE TIME. While it’s left a little ambiguous on whether or not he’s dead, let’s hope so. Even with the loss of characters this week, I never want to see this dude again.

However, the redemption storyline with Damon being a ‘feelings’ sacrificial lamb for the cure and Elena just didn’t really hit as hard as it should have once we found out that there is only one dosage of this magic elixir. I mean, as viewers we saw this coming all along (right?), but it just felt more like Damon would go find the cure, destroy it so he could keep Elena all to himself, and find more ways to make Stefan suffer since his wussy bro always seems to get what he wants. That was the way I expected it to go. Instead, Damon grew a conscience and the show suffered for it.

In Which Klaus Finally Makes His Move On Caroline And RIP Tyler (Kinda Sorta)

Goodbye Lockwoods. How Tyler lasted this long against the badass that is Klaus is beyond me, but it finally caught up to him and it seems like he’s gone for good. Sure, Caroline’s tears were a little heartbreaking, but please tell me if I’m wrong if you are also begging for her to pull double duty once Klaus’ spinoff is launched next year. These two have some serious chemistry that I never really felt with her and Tyler. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It was nice for Caroline to have a good plot line these two episodes after a brief absence. That sundress this episode: GOT DAMN.

In Which Jeremy Dies By Katherine’s Hand And We All Forget About His Anti-Death Ring

Call me crazy, but the whole reminder that Jeremy is, like, connected to the afterlife is a pretty good reason to believe he’s not totally dead yet. It was a pretty convenient reminder in the middle of the episode when Bonnie’s grandma showed up and Jeremy was all, ‘HOLD UP I GOT THIS.’ If he really is dead, and especially by the returning HBIC Katherine’s hand, we’re in a whole new ballgame of sorts. Elena will probably lose it. Caroline will probably team up with Klaus somehow to take Katherine out. The Salvatore Brothers will reunite. But the most important thing: Jeremy was used to wake up this crazy immortal Silas. This is just a theory, but maybe Jeremy is connected somehow to Silas in the afterlife now. That would be bonkers. Also, this makes Matt a null and void character since he was only there to give homoerotic vibes to Jeremy every now and then. Jeremy’s death will play a big part in how the show plays out if it’s permanent, but for whatever reason, I don’t think it is.

In Which Bonnie Tapped Into Some Real Power And Will Probably Go Evil

Character deaths or not, the most appealing idea to me in this episode is that somehow, after Bonnie is (hopefully) saved from the brink of death, how this experience is going to effect her. She had some major badass-ery going on there in the cave making Jeremy float off the ground and causing earthquakes and a bunch of other craziness. Something makes me think that Bonnie will team up with Katherine and/or Silas somehow to finally control her powers for evil since Professor Shane is dead and can’t keep her under control anymore. Will Bonnie be the catalyst that will lead to an apocalypse storyline? I can only hope so. In fact, I really do hope so. That would be awesome.

Suffice to say, ALOT happened in this episode which means for the next two, we’ll be dealing with a lot of fallout as the characters return to Mystic Falls. Plus with this Silas dude awake and Katherine back on the prowl, who really knows what’s going to happen next? In the meantime, check out Elena losing her shit in the preview for next week and let me know in the comments or on Twitter what you think.

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