11 Things Men Don’t Know About Women [Dude’s List]

And we’ve reached THIS Dude’s List. Yes, we men are ignorant of many things about women. I cannot imagine how many times all of the ladies have face-palmed asking to themselves silently or shouting “WHY DOESN’T HE GET IT?” Here’s where we spell it out for the gents. So, Ladies, enjoy the ride. Keep your arms and legs inside the carpet, in case of emergency the exits are here, here, there, everywhere! Boys, this list’s for us. After much polling and searching and researching and restraining orders, here are 11 things we don’t get about women…

There you have it, boys. Take a good long look at the list. Ladies, I hope I did you some semblance of justice. What did I miss?

Devotedly yours,

The Dude

P.S. – Notice the gallery wasn’t trying to be literal or ironic. It’s an attempt to showcasing living iconic women in our culture, deserving or not.

[Lead image via Minerva Studio/Shutterstock]

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