Pizza Lunchables Made You The Most Popular Girl In School [Saturday Flashback]

I think we can all agree that anyone who brought Lunchables to the cafeteria in school was deemed King or Queen for a day. ┬áThe only thing that could top your regular ham and cheese Lunchables was pizza Lunchables. Sweet, sweet pizza Lunchables. I am hearing from a lot of other folk that they never got the pepperoni because it looked gross or because their parents wouldn’t let them have it. I am here to report that all those people were missing out because the pepperoni was much better than the double cheese. The cheese in the double cheese was 50% plastic and while I am sure the pepperoni was 50% horse, I’d rather eat horse than plastic, I guess. The Capri Sun and always preferred Nestle’s Crunch were bonuses to an amazing meal. Ironically, as an adult, I don’t like pizza at all.

Were you ever Queen of the Lunchables for a day? Which snacks made you the talk of recess when you were in elementary school?


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