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Stylish Sunglasses to Start Your Spring [8 Under $20]


I’m currently in New York City for fashion week, and although sunglasses haven’t been a widely used accessory (thanks, Nemo), I’m still looking for a new pair. I think sunglasses are one of the best ways to alter your look, so I’m in the market to pick a few new pairs to broaden my selection. What’s your go to style? Do you always wear the same pair? Be bold and adventurous and try a new shape, color, and pattern. Most of these sunglasses are around $5 so you can definitely take the plunge to try something new. Add a pop of yellow to your neutral outfit. Try out the cat eye trend once and for all! Sunglasses are a necessity according to optometrists, but for fashionistas they’re a statement piece!

    Recent UGA grad. Writing, fashion, and caramel macchiatos keep me sane.