Recap: Girls Season 2, Episode 6 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

After last week’s complete garbage heap of an episode, I guess Girls was going for the emotional route this week, which is surprising considering this is the episode titled ‘Boys’. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t, but either way, it was WAY better than last week, and I guess that’s all we can hope for from Dunham and her crew. (Sidenote: Anyone else notice how much the music resembles season 2 of Louie? Or is that just me?)

In Which Bro Time Equals Let’s Talk About Your Feelings Time

As awesome as it was to see Adam and Ray go out and about to try and eventually return a dog that they should have really kept all along, I feel like the course of conversation between these two was entirely unrealistic. I’m happy Adam’s back, don’t get me wrong. I liked his severely honest opinion about how everyone is a ‘difficult person’ and how he cares for Hannah because, ‘she knows how to deal with my brand of difficult better than anyone else,’ but frankly, I want him to move on from Hannah. It’s just water under the bridge at this point after Hannah’s hostage situation last week, you know? While Adam’s semi-existential qualms about life and graffiti cut-offs remained completely intact for our viewing pleasure as one of the most confusing yet engaging characters on TV right now, it was Ray’s self-doubt and battles with confidence that made this story line so intriguing. Shoshanna rambling on in the beginning showed her youth, sure, but it also showed how perfect she is for just about any guy ever and made us question why and how Ray could keep her around. Luckily, Ray feels the same exact way.

There’s something about Ray in this episode where you can literally see the pain of his own self-criticism through his eyes in practically every line he has. The scene where Adam calls for ‘back-up’ was priceless. There isn’t a dude on the planet that can tell you he turned down being any kind of back-up to anybody whatsoever. It just makes you feel more manly. It was exactly what Ray needed. Sure, it ended with him crying with a dog on a bench in Staten Island by himself after telling Adam what everyone really thinks about Hannah, but hey, life isn’t perfect, right?

In Which Marnie Has Finally Hit Rock Bottom (And Hopefully Will Become A Stripper)

As much as I missed the supporting characters last week, I surely did not miss Marnie and this episode reminded me why. She’s already unrealistic and this relationship with Lonely Island Reject #3 took it to another level. I mean do girls really think it’s okay to wear, like, umbrella plastic over a club outfit? Arty or not, I just didn’t understand that. Also, how didn’t a red flag go off when your supposed ‘boyfriend’ has a very attractive assistant that does everything for him and is totally cool with him being naked around her? How did that not make you realize that someone named Booth Jonathan was not ‘The One’? Finally, why did she lie to Hannah about her situation? I was flabbergasted by that. I know that maybe that was supposed to pull at the heart strings or something but it was just nonsensical really. Like your former BFF (who you’re not really not friends with anymore) is writing a book that you could totally be the inspiration for since you’re such a hot mess right now, Marnie. You should embrace that opportunity! Be the hot mess for the low-high, Target eBook demographic! It’s out there for the taking! Take it! (God I should be a motivational speaker.) Anyway, I’m no longer intrigued with Hurricane Marine. I feel like the storm has died out since it stayed over water for too long or something. Let’s just keep hoping she becomes a drug addict or something.

In Which Jessa Finally Breaks Down Hannah (And Every Other Wanna Be Sylvia Plath)

I have a personal stake in the whole ordeal of a girl being a book writer and trying to ‘find her voice.’ (The advances keep coming to keep that one floor of a brownstone over the girl I see kinda-sorta every six months or so in my life, so I guess the book business ain’t all that bad.) But due to my physical needs, I’ve never really told the writer-chick in my life that ‘Guess what, it doesn’t matter as long as you write it. Write it, then we can talk about your voice. Don’t talk to me about your voice before you talk.’ Also, how mad does it make you that everyday some girl legitimately thinks that she is going to start a blog and think that she’s going to catch on and Cosmopolitan or The New Yorker or Grantland (shoutout to Emily Yoshida) is going to want to publish everything that she writes. Seriously. It’s a legitimate trend among young ladies when they go through a ‘work-life’ crisis these days and it’s f*cking annoying.

But I digress. To see Jessa, depressed or not, totally own Hannah about her BS eBook was SO SATISFYING TO ME. Mostly due to the fact that it is something I should have said in my own life for the past 3 years, but stay-cations at a writer’s place isn’t all that bad when it’s only, like, 3 times a year. So give me this to live through, Girls. I can say this is the only thing from this season that I’ll actually apply to my own life. Everything else is crap. Sorry, Lena.

Anyway, this week both Shoshanna and Jessa showed that it takes them less than 5 minutes of combined screen time to display why they are the best characters on the show, Adam’s back with his (hopefully) restraining order, and Hannah’s writing a book. I guess it’s all progress, no real plot-line and a weird conversation about the relevance of which Little Women character you are in the first 10 minutes. Standard fare for Girls, right? (Once again: WAY BETTER THAN LAST WEEK.) Make sure you check out the trailer for next week below and let me know what you think via Twitter or in the comments.

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