Cosmic Candy: February 18 – 24

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries – I want you to be excited by the notion that the most interesting events are happening in your inner life. Experiment with keeping some experiences to yourself as if you have a secret lover to rendezvous with. This time is about connecting to your inner world so that you have something to give to the outer world come your birthday. Ask your inner artist what they want to do and then go and do it.  Indulge your wildest fantasies. Explore and honor your imagination-playing dress up is not just for children. Play is serious business sometimes and right now play can help you discover a deeper truth about what you need in order to be happy.

Taurus – You are really good at making things happen, relying on yourself to get the work done and understanding how your garden grows. This specific moment in time is about you seeing just how much this impacts other people.  You are not an island- you need others to help bring about your largest visions and now is the time to be accessing the inherent talents of the folks around you.  Please don’t be afraid to ask for help and/or clarify boundaries in your relationships.  You are learning how to be more fluid in your relationships and how to be permeable, transparent and vulnerable while accepting the responsibility you have taken on.

Gemini – One of the most important themes of this week is work. How are your day’s structures?  Are you getting the most out of the energy and daylight that is given to you or are you running around in circles trying to figure out what to do?  A restructuring of your daily life is what needs to happen as well as a re-visioning of your role in the world.  This week is all about standing in the unknown and not acting rashly. Have patience and take things as they come, we are entering a time of reviewing and renewing and I would advise that you let yourself do just that.

Cancer – There is a re-evaluation going on in your romantic affairs. What is it you really want to manifest and bring into form?  It’s not that you have to give up frivolous fun because it can be hard enough for you to let lose as it is, it’s just that it’s also important for you to keep your eye on what it is you are creating. With the sun entering Pisces this week there is extra emphasis on venturing out into unknown territory and being excited by new ideas, people and places.  There looks to be a re-evaluation of what is meaningful to you in the coming weeks and I want you to stock up on new experiences so you have a larger well to draw from.

Leo – I could see this as a time where you are both drawn into intimate relationships and also a time where you will be lead by your compulsions and extreme emotions. There is a lot going on for you just under the surface and I want you to carve out the appropriate time to get in touch with all of the rich material that is coming up. Save time for yourself even though it will be tempting to fall into old patterns in romantic affairs.  There is also a possibility of dodging real closeness with yourself while in sexually intimate situations. Look, there are a million ways to disconnect and oddly we often use the thing that is the most intimate to be the most shallow. When you share your body with another make sure that it deepens your connection with yourself.

Virgo – I would like you to be really selective about who you make your role models for successful relationships. There is what I consider to be an alarming trend toward accepting domestic violence as the norm in relationships. This is age old but there seems to be a re-branding of it as acceptable and even inevitable which is not true.  I want you, more than anything to consider attracting your own version of unconditional love in all of your close relationships, but especially your romantic ones. Do not settle and do not compromise as your chart is speaking about the potential to find true self-love while in partnership. Any relationship that doesn’t support that 100% isn’t worth your precious time.

Libra – One of your many talents is to start things and right now so much of that energy is geared towards your productivity, which is off the charts. Like I mentioned last week, there is no use in you trying to follow anybody else’s rhythm but your own right now. Go with the nonsensical approach whenever possible.  n fact I would love for you to collect images of wizards, Priestesses, magicians, witches and any other archetype that can conjure up anything it needs in an instant while keeping balanced and harmonious relationship with the natural world. Consider how you can be more compassionate in your daily life while you are moving mountains without breaking a sweat.

Scorpio – You may feel a little more serious this week but I do not want this to let to any sort of morbid or morose conclusions about what life is or isn’t. What I do want you to do is be an active participant in creating space for fun, play, experimentation and a modern version of free-love (which we may call responsible play, STDs are real).  Good times can just happen, but more often than not we forget that it is up to us to co-create the life that we want. From the looks of your chart what you need to do is review when and where you are actually in-joy and enjoying life and your part in it. Care less about your self-image and more about yourself frolicking.

Sagittarius – Is there a space in your physical home that you can rest your eyes on and feel nourished?  If not I implore you to create it and more than just one little part of your home I would like you to imagine filling the entire space with things that make you feel connected to your roots, culture, heritage and family (chosen or blood). This is far more than a decor makeover; this is about you feeling reflected as you look around you.  So often we do not see accurate reflections of ourselves from the outside world: I want you to counter that by making your home a sanctuary for your soul.

Capricorn – Your word is your bond and there are more than a few reasons to reconsider what you have been communicating, what contracts you have signed and what agreements you have made.  There is no growth when we stay committed to something that is no longer evolving with our values but you need to handle any unraveling commitments with care and integrity.  This is a really active time for your mind and this year is a fantastic opportunity for writing and teaching all that you have learned.  I would even consider an activity such as collage art to be a part of “writing” as I want you to engage in anything that helps you sort through your thoughts. Another great thing to do is to write out all the things you have shame about, all the things you feel you have done “wrong,”  all the lies and all the devious behaviors that are still holding you captive.  Then read them to a therapist or counselor as a sort of confessional.  Not because you have done any thing “wrong” but because I want you to move into this next phase of your life with less guilt, shame and fear.  I want you to move into the spring with more room for self-acceptance and self-love.

Aquarius – This is a tremendously fertile time for you Aquarius and I want you to spend some time considering your talents. This would be a great moment to ask trusted loved-ones for some honest self-reflections about all the things that you are good at. I want you to be swathed by this information because something seems to be up for review in your job or career. No matter what the issue at work, I want you to be standing on firm ground rooted by the validation you receive from folks that love and appreciate you.  But more than anything, I want you to be able to honestly reflect upon the gifts that you have to offer this world and take them seriously enough to stand up for what you want and ask for what you deserve.

Pisces – Happy birthday you fabulous fishes!  This is a year of great advancement for you because there are so many planets in water signs helping you to feel more at home and comfortable in your own skin.  This week is advising us to all slow down and take a step back from compulsive action and spend more time reflecting and witnessing our own reactions to how life is showing up.  This is a comfortable movement for you as it  helps to reveal some of your natural talents that you may have forgotten about.  I’d like you to pay close attention to all the ways in which others are comforted by you and spend some time reviewing all the things your are naturally gifted at.  This is a really potent moment for you, a rare planetary party in your sign and I want you to relish in your element.  Write, sing, dance, meditate, commune with archangels, read tarot cards, paint and envision the life you are moving into with as much dreamy Piscean vision as you can muster.

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