9 Angsty Songs That Helped Us Through Our Teenage Years

As the hormones were raging and our parents were intruding on our emotional and personal space it was not uncommon for us to turn the lights down in our room, cry into a pillow, and blast some melodramatic lyrics to match our emotions (at least it wasn’t uncommon for me).

Recently news broke that former Dashboard Confessional front man Chris Carrabba is set to perform at SXSW Music Festival next month…with a new band! Apparently Chris is performing as part of a new bad, Twin Falls, that no one can find information on. I guess we’re going to have to wait until next month to see what the deal is.

Although I feel my musical tastes have bloomed since adolescence, aside from when I’m drinking rum, I feel it is necessary to play homage to a few songs we called our BFFs in times of need during those awkward, awkward teenage years. Here are the 9 angsty songs that I know helped you through your teenage years:

Konstantine: Something Corporate

This ballad is the heavy hitter. The run time is almost ten minutes, so we broke this one out when we really, really had a doozy of a day (or break up). One positive effect is that after listening, I almost always feel better about my life…because it seems like his really sucks.


Smells Like Teen Spirit: Nirvana

Although this Nirvana hit might have come along a little before our time, it’s safe to say it has longevity. The music video really plays into the whole “high school life sucks” theme, as the band plays to a gymnasium of teens.


I Miss You: Blink 182

I’m pretty sure we all identify with that first thirty seconds of drum beats followed by, “Hello there…” I loved this smoother sound from Blink, it really showed their emo side, good job guys!


Last Resort: Papa Roach

This is just an awesome song to listen to when you’re angry, but the lyrics get pretty graphic at times. I know they helped a lot of depressed teens, but this song was awesome for amping up before soccer games.


For You: Staind

I listened to this song when I really just hated my parents. I’d throw a tantrum during dinner, storm out of the room, and just blast the part at the beginning: “To my mother, to my father…it’s your daughter.” I figured they would get the picture.


Hold On: Good Charlotte

This is a more upbeat, “you can make it through this” song, but it’s obviously still packed with emotions. I have to admit, I’d listen to it while trying to grapple with awful decisions about going to soccer practice or studying for a bio test, but it  still helped me through nonetheless.


With Me: Sum 41

I don’t know why, but something about Deryck strumming on an acoustic guitar in a dark corner at the beginning of this video just pulls me through…don’t worry ladies he returns to his electric after the first thirty seconds.


Screaming Infidelities: Dashboard Confessional

This song has got to have some major angsty-points considering it was Dashboard’s breakout single, the kings of the angsty lyrics. We had to give Chris and the boys a little more recognition, considering they inspired this compilation.


Just a Girl: No Doubt

It’s really nice to hear some angst from a fellow female. I really appreciated their mockery of society’s view of women, you go Gwen!

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