Bad Celebrity Weaves

Bad celebrity weaves make me ponder the existential meaning of wealth. Who knows, maybe money can buy love and happiness? Because it certainly cannot purchase a decent weave. I am not picking on these celebrities’ appearances. A good weave is hard to find. This is kind of like one of those, “celebrities close up” things. Obviously, you know those stars are beautiful but anyone that close up will look terrible. Sometimes, you can get a whole lot of joy from looking at a celebrity’s terrible weave. (What? It’s humorous, OK.) There are some repeat offenders on here like Naomi Campbell and Britney Spears but I am about 90% sure it’s because these people do not have to patience to GAF and be concerned about their appearance outside of, well, public appearances. Pat yo’ weave, girls and pay homage to those who have paved the way.

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