Change The Game [Ready U Conquer This List]

In college, we’re offered a lot of opportunities to play games—board games, video games, even love games (which aren’t usually as fun). When we’re not studying or eating EasyMac, we’re looking for other ways to keep ourselves entertained. Whether we’re babysitting for a professor’s kid or getting ready for a night out, there’s always an opportunity to get into game-mode, but sometimes the same old games can become dull. This is why I looked to ReadyU’s Conquer This List to see what I could do to spice up my gaming life, and thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

No one likes to lose. And even though we always have a 50% chance of losing, we never stop playing games in which there is a clear winner and a clear loser. Competition, challenge, and entertainment are all needs that humans crave—and that’s when we turn to games. Getting together at a friend’s house and busting out a good game of RISK or Monopoly is one of my favorite past times. My friends and I have monthly game nights where we eat, drink, and play old board games from our childhood. Not only is game night a great excuse to get together with friends and have fun, but game night also allows us to drift back to our childhood for a few minutes and remember what it was like when winning Hungry Hungry Hippos was the only thing that mattered in our lives. It may not be as fun to play these games anymore (especially after the 100th time) so this is where #33 on ReadyU’s Conquer This List comes into play: Change The Game.

Many of us take odd jobs like babysitting in our college town to make some extra cash while down at school, myself included. After a couple weeks of babysitting the same set of children, I could see that they were getting bored with the same old movies, books, and video games. I didn’t want to be the lame, boring babysitter that just sat on the couch texting while the kids watched TV. I could tell that they wanted something new and different, and to be honest, I was getting bored too. I can only go hide while the kids seek for so long before everyone wants to call it a day. And this is where ReadyU came in, and I was more than happy to cross another task off my list.

Instead of being a bossy babysitter, I decided to let the kids choose what kind of games they wanted to play—card games, board games, sports game, etc. Whatever they wanted to do, I was up for it.

I wanted to make sure that they were having fun, and that’s when we decided to build our homemade obstacle courses. Not only was this super fun for the kids, but it also allowed me to relax a little bit and watch these kids use their imaginations and creativity. We all headed out to the backyard and used whatever we could find to build the ultimate obstacle course—chairs, old kiddie pools, pool toys, any junk that we found lying around in the garage. We also used the large oak trees in the backyard as guidelines for where the kids would run. I also stood by in case they needed help of course. It was such a change of pace from what we’d been doing for the past month. It was time to break our boring routine.

They were so excited to run through these challenges and race each other to the finish line. This kept the children entertained until their mom got home. I had also gotten them good and tuckered out, which she appreciated greatly. Not only did the kids get a chance to play outside (what kid does that anymore?), but they also got a chance to make up their own games and really exercise their creative sides. I was happy to sit by and give them tips and help when they needed it, but I was also pleased to sit back and watch them explore how much they were capable of. Changing the game meant a lot to the kids, but it also meant a lot to me because a change really did them good.

Have you made up any games of your own – with friends or while babysitting? Keep visiting ReadyU’s Conquer This List for more great ideas of how to check items off your bucket list items before the school year comes to a close!

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