Snooki Is Selling Her Cadillac On Ebay, #TrueFacts

Are you in need of a pink Cadillac? Has your current pink Cadillac lost its luster? Is it lacking a certain Snooki-esque quality? Well, I’ve got news for you, bb girl! Snooki is auctioning off her Cadillac on Ebay. So you – that’s right YOU – can bid on Snooki’s black and pink Cadillac Escalade. You’ve got five days and three hours to place your bid which currently stands at $26, 299. So that’s just a little more than a semester at your private university.

Nicole describes the car as owning a little piece of popular culture history:

“This 2011 Cadillac Escalade is currently owned by Nicole Snooki Polizzi. It is the actual car that she has driven in many of her television appearances. The vehicle has been completely wrapped and has been customized with many add ons to her taste and specifications, such as custom wheels and ambient lighting. It has been autographed across the hood by Nicole. This is not a vehicle that you can buy everyday, it is an opportunity to own a piece of pop culture history! For privacy purposes, as a friend of the family, I am selling this vechile on behalf of Nicole.”

Sounds legit. Sounds totally worth it, guys! Question: Why does Snooki need the money? I mean, I guess it’s perfectly rational to sell a car you  no longer want. Does she need the cash quick? What’s going on Snooki?!

P.S. the back has a decal that says, “Boss Lady.” Fierce.

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