They’re Rebuilding The Titanic! OMG Such A Good Idea! LOLJKY? [Sugar Binge]

What is the Titanic most known for? That movie with Leo and Kate? No, not even. The Titanic is known for being a very large boat that crashed into an ice berg. Not only did this boat crash, this boat IRONICALLY CRASHED. They called the Titanic, “the unsinkable ship.” Guess what, guys? It sank. It sank hard, in the worst way. So let’s ironically recreate this boat that ironically (and tragically) sank and see what happens – and then let’s see if that’s ironic. Mkay?

According to Jezebel:

“Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is having an exact Titanic replica built by a Chinese ship manufacturer, which definitely sounds the opposite of worrying. So far, over 40,000 people have expressed interest in riding the replica which, if all goes as planned, will follow the exact route from Southampton to New York City taken by the original Titanic in 1912. Some guests have even said that they’ll pay up to $1 million per ticket to ride on the ship’s maiden voyage.”

Some guests who have said they’ll pay up to $1 million are evil, psychopaths with disposable incomes that would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on stupid cruises than the poor (but let’s not tax the rich, that’d be so unfair, they have so many important things to spend their money on). Can you tell that I think this is a dumb idea.

• So Clive Davis has come out as bisexual in his autobiography. Good for him

• This picture of Kanye and Aziz Ansari’s parents is perfection

• This pen writes a 3D. OMG. Now I can touch my crappy stick figure drawings

• Lena Dunham needs friends who don’t feel so comfortable dropping the N-word. 


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