Tone with the Girls of “Tone It Up” [CC’s ShapeU]

If you’re into fitness, and you’ve never heard of the “Tone It Up” girls, consider this a must-read! Karena and Katrina are quickly becoming the most popular fitness craze since Jane Fonda’s leg warmers. Aside from being my personal idols, having uh-MAZING hair and getting to workout on the beach for a living – jealous much? – these girls have some serious skills when it comes to putting together awesome exercise routines that appeal to us, and actually work!

For this week’s ShapeU, let’s take a page out of these fitness gurus’ book (their SoCal-super-tanned-and in-shape book) and tone on the beach – or, in our bedrooms while watching them tone on the beach…close enough. We’ve already seen how awesome Ballet-inspired moves can be for sculpting our muscles, so here’s a fresh take on some killer barre-style exercises. And what’s better than learning the moves step-by-step from Karena and Katrina? Adding Renée Herlocker into the mix – the girl’s got sass, and we love it!


Enjoy the 16 minutes of toning bliss, check out these girls’ awesome moves, and get a little taste of the beach for those of us struggling to endure the frigid chill of single-digit temperatures – it’s nine degrees here people, I’ll take all the cyber sunshine I can get.

What did you think of the ‘Tone It Up’ girls and their workout? Do you love them as much as I do?  

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