The 7 Best Things A Guy Can Do After Sex [He Said/She Said]

Cool, so we had sex, and now we know the sex is great. Good to know. Now what? Turns out the moments post bang are pretty important too. Those moments have so much power. They can make everything awkward. They can confirm your worry that you are definitely just a booty call. They can make you feel beautiful and completely loved. I think that period of time is seriously under-represented.

I’ve read at least a thousand blow job tips in Cosmo, but not one feature on post-sex etiquette. Every movie I’ve seen may show a couple snuggling, but they never show the clean up – seriously, they didn’t put on a condom, so how the hell are they not just laying there feeling gross?! There are a few things a guy can do after a great session that will put an even bigger smile on a girl’s face… (Plus: Check out what HE SAID are his favorite things for you to do for him after sex.)

[Lead image via lev dolgachov/Shutterstock]

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