Rezhound Helps You Score Hard-to-Get Reservations [Web Spy]


I love going out to eat with friends, and especially enjoy checking out the newest, hippest places around town. But those can be tough to get a table at – and unless you’re either dating, related to, or otherwise connected to someone who works at one of these trendy hotspots, you’re going to find yourself waiting a few weeks or more before you can try them out.

That is, of course, if you don’t use RezhoundRezhound was created on the idea that restaurant reservations actually open up fairly often, and uses other people’s changing plans to your advantage.

The next time you hear about a cool new restaurant that you want to try but OpenTable says is booked up for the time/date/party size you specify, visit Rezhound and set up an identical reservation request. Since these spots are so hard to get into, you can better your chances of dining there by being flexible – setting up a few requests with different dates and times.

Rezhound will notify you as soon as a reservation that fits your criteria becomes available, so you can head back to OpenTable to set it up. Soon, you’ll be sitting at a table at the hottest restaurant in town, posting pictures all over Facebook and Instagram to make all your frenemies and exes that weren’t lucky enough to come along with you super jealous.

So go ahead, enjoy your night out at your city’s restaurant-of-the-moment, all thanks to Rezhound – no three months of waiting, begging the hostess, or seducing of a busboy necessary.

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