6 Ways College Students Will Inevitably Abuse Google Glass

Though it sounds like something right out of the Jetsons, Google Glass is real and is actually happening in 2013. If you haven’t heard about this crazy new technology yet, Google Glass is a way for you to take pictures, get directions, send videos and do a lot of other things hands-free. Literally hands-free, considering all of the features are set by the sound of your voice and the screen is projected onto a pair of eyeglasses so there is nothing for you to hold.

Sound crazy to you? The new technology is basically a smart phone that’s hidden, capable of taking pictures and videos at anywhere, at anytime, and of anyone. Walking down the street and feel the need to share the view with someone? All you have to say is “Okay, Glass, record a video” and you will instantly be recording your surroundings. This can then be sent wirelessly to anyone you’d like. To see more of the features of Google Glass, check out their video here (As per usual Google commercials, the video is super inspirational and life-changing and makes you want to go out and buy the product right away).

But what’s going to happen when this product becomes available everywhere? Like in colleges? As college kids, we already have a tough enough time keeping our lives private with the ever-present concept of the “mobile upload” looming over  our heads. What shenanigans will get recorded when the technology to take a video or picture is even easier? Scary thoughts, my friends, scary thoughts. So check out what we think would come of the universal Google glass and its (frightening) presence in college in the gallery below!

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