5 Self-Help Tips That May Actually Work Against You

I am not ashamed to admit that I dig self-help books. I find some sort of comfort in the fact that somewhere there is someone else who is reading this book or article too, hoping to find some sort of tips for self-improvement. Some people look down on self-help style because it’s deemed for the “weak” or the people who can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but I disagree. I think that whatever gets you through the day (that is healthy and legal) is good! And I support it, but what happens when that self-help tip because a self-hurt tip? What if some “tips” could make you lose your job? The ladies over at The Frisky discovered that there are some self-help tips that just don’t work the way they’re intended to!

Go over to The Frisky to see five popular self-help tips that have been debunked!

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