7 Movies That Need to be Made Into Board Games

Guys! I have amazing news! Everyone’s favorite love story and movie, The Princess Bride, is being made into a board game! Amazing! Inconceivable even! I have loved this film since I was a little girl and dreamed of one day finding my very own Wesley. The Princess Bride is such a smart and lovable film that will remain a classic for decades to come, and I am more than happy to integrate this board game into my monthly game night with my friends! Though it’s still pretty much in the beginning stages of being born, I know that once this project gets going, it’s going to be an amazing game. My hopes are high!

This also got me thinking about other amazing movies that should be made into board games. Now, I’m not talking about Jumanji, I’m talking like The Godfather board game–skip a turn because there’s a severed horse head in your bed. Real talk. Heavy stuff. Fun for the whole family! So here’s my list of my top choices for movies that should definitely become a part of my game night.

[Lead Image via Geek Tyrant]

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